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Contest Review Lynk.My 2015 Part #2

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What is Lynk.My – Malaysia Shortener for URL?

Lynk.My is a Malaysia-based service which primarily focuses on advertising. The service is mainly all about advertising which through Lynk.My has never been so affordable to the Malaysians as it is now. By using Lynk.My, it becomes possible for you and for everyone to advertise online without the need for registration fee.

The objective of the service provided by Lynk is to help Malaysians in advertising their events or shops and possibly even get an invitation say that for Open Houses. One of the advantages of Lynk.My is the fact that their traffic is categorized according to the States so their clients get the same standard as in US. Essentially, the Lynk.My is geared to helping their clients make money online. The services to which they offer are all about helping internet marketers thrive in the Internet scene.

Although it was mentioned that Lynk.My is focused on advertising, the site actually provides service of URL shortening. Although the word in the URL is shortened, it is still functions and continuously redirects the user to the site the URL is supposed to redirect them. URL shortening is basically what provides to a lot of internet marketers in the South of Malaysia.

Contest Review Lynk.My 2015 – Malaysia Shortener URL Making Money Programme For Malaysian

What People Say About This Review? Contest Review Lynk.My 2015 From
What People Say About This Review? -
Contest Review Lynk.My 2015
What We Like - Making Money
What We Don’t Like - Just only for Malaysian only
All People Can Joined This Programme
  • Content marketing is a very popular marketing and advertising strategy that is commonly used these days. Quality content is but very important in today’s business age and so businesses often hire content writers to write for them.
  • Quality content is the first step to increase your online presence but that is not enough. You also need other marketing campaigns and one good ways to do so is through backlinking.
  • On the other hand, there is also the technique called URL shortening. As the name suggests, it is about reducing the length of the URL which presents various advantages for sites.
  • The main advantage of URL shortening would be that links become a lot easier to remember. In Malaysia, Lynk.My is one of the services offering great advantages for making money online. One of which is them being Malaysia Shortener URL. Register with today!

Advantages of Using Lynk.My

So what exactly the reasons why anyone would want to shorten their site’s URL. Well, those reasons are the advantages which Lynk.My has to offer:

  • URL Shortening saves space – When you use Lynk.My, you can save space which is important especially when there is a limit to the amount of text based on the link type.
  • For advertisers, one of the advantages would be that advertising costs them so low. The costs are as low as RM10 and there is NO need for a registration fee. That being the case, advertisers can run their promotion widely and for as long as they like and target people in Malaysia.
  • My features ‘Smart Filtering’ – In Lynk.My, there is the Lynk Pet called Mr HotBot which helps in regulating traffic. That being said, users will no longer have to deal with such things as spider web. Basically, this means that Mr HotBot makes sure that the one who clicked the ad is not a robot but an actual person.
  • When using Lynk.My Shortener URL, users can take advantage of having their online business personalized when promoting their products. The online business will personalized according to the states in Malaysia.

Apart from these advantages, Lynk also has another to offer to their clients so they can earn quick cash online easily is by becoming their publisher. That is by being a publisher of Lynk.My and sharing their shortened URL whereas they can then get paid. Moreover, they will not have to worry since Lynk always make sure the shared URL is rated highest among the many others.


Lynk.My is, of course, not perfect. Just like many other Shortener URL it does have pitfalls. Pitfalls of Lynk.My include general disadvantages such as the fact that shortened URLs can be confusing at first. Also, although the primary reason why URLs are shortened is for them to be easily remembered, this makes it work backwards since there are people who cannot remember words or phrases smaller in lengths. On the other hand, compared to major Shortener URL, Lynk.My offers minimal options of features. Some of which is that you cannot choose custom URLs or custom the Domain name.


Although there are few pitfalls to which Lynk.My come into, it still is one of the best Malaysia Shortener URL. It offers great advantages for making money online for both advertisers and publishers. Furthermore, it becomes even exciting to use Lynk.My now that the Contest Review 2015 has finally come to.

This contest is for bloggers and content writers out there who wish to post articles using domain or subdomain for the contest lynk keyword. That being said, any Malaysian bloggers are eligible for the contest where they may be able to win amazing cash prices.

Contest Review 2015 – Malaysia URL Shortener Making Money Programme For Malaysian!


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