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Best and Worst Things About Social Media Marketing

Many of today’s business owners find the modern technology very beneficial in their line of industry. Current technological advancements, specifically in the digital world, greatly help traders find new and improved ways on how they can further develop their products or services to meet the demands of the entire clientele. While there are so many product developers use the digital realm as a means to innovate their brands, others use it as a powerful tool to spread out their brands to potential customers all over the world. One of the most sought-after approaches to promote one’s enterprise is marketing through the use of social media, or simply “social media marketing”.


SMM (Social Media Marketing) is an online method of acquiring attention or web-traffic through the use of social media pages. The prime objective of this program is to come up with a content that catches attention and encourages online visitors to browse over it and share its content over their social media. The process results to the completion of the eWoM (electronic-word-of-mouth). This pertains to the customer’s statements and reviews that are shared over the Internet related to a product, brand, an event, service, or a company. Social Media Marketing can be an amazing source of profit. Especially if you are an online promotion enthusiast, this gives you a great chance to gain income, while enjoying the comfort on your couch.

Best and Worst Things About Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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Main Features and Specifications

  1. Analytics

If you are a business marketer, it is very important for you to get the results that show the performance of the social media approach you are employing. You can use the analytics every time you proceed to your regular evaluation. There are metrics for this such as retweets, facebook likes, favorites, and clickthrough rates. These are helpful factors to help you know what contents really hit the market as well as those that should be re-evaluated. Some familiar social networks have built-in analytics tools, for example Twitter and Facebook. These tools are advantageous in helping you with your strategy in social messaging.

  1. Collaboration

This feature allows you to assign tasks to responsible persons that are concerned with the social media channels of your industry. This helps the marketer track the progress of his strategy on every assignment.

  1. Monitoring

Regardless of your marketing emphasis, for example customer service or a promotion, your business should be aware of anything that is happening in your own social channel feeds. This is the reason why monitoring is a feature of social media marketing. Various online channels such as Google+ and LinkedIn are among the examples that will allow you to be updated without switching and refreshing different browser windows.

  1. Integration

This feature allows the business promoter to manage the business in many other networks such as Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest.


  • Increased recognition of the brand

SMM is a very effective way if you aim at making your label known to a lot of online users. You can never deny the fact that today almost every person is exposed to the social media networks. Can you just imagine if your brand will appear all the online readers of the amazon? If your label will constantly be seen on so many pages, there is a greater opportunity for your business to be globally-recognized.

  • The cost is low

Of course, you would want your brand to be popular; however, it would also be better if you don’t need to spend a lot of money. If you are that kind of trader, marketing with social media is best for you. Most of these sites such as Facebook, Foursquare, and Tweeter are free for anyone to post something. Yes. You heard that right. Not even a single centavo from your pocket will be spent to pay for an online advertising.

  • Interactive

Because it is “social”, you have the chance to talk with your consumers. In this way, you will have a better interaction with your clients.


  • Prone to negative feedbacks

The ability of the social media to attract many people becomes its weakness as well. When you use this marketing strategy, do not be surprised if scammers, trolls, spammers, and bashers will come eventually. Negative comments will common be received.

  • Loss of control

When you market through social channels, your content might become viral. Good if it’s for the positive. If it’s otherwise, negative online elements might also overwhelm your page, until it becomes very difficult to control eventually.

Why You should Join this Programme

The above reasons are among the general reasons why you should join a programme. With any or all of them, you have greater chances to bring your label closer to larger number of customers. With these programmes, you will maximize your online marketing activities. If you want to save money for a free post, you can use the AdSense. If you want an online chat with your customer, Tweeter and Facebook are there for you. All these and more are your reasons to utilize these channels.

Social Media Marketing

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