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Go holiday at world’s top tourist destination – Maldives

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Maldives, the island nation in the Indian Ocean offers great opportunity for holidaying. There are different kinds of holiday packages. You can plan your honeymoon to this country as it has great scope to be absorbed into the nature. The beaches are special. You will have numerous fun-filled activities in this location. As per some of the visitors, the location is praised as a paradise personified. A couple of weeks that you spend at the destination will transform your body, mind and spirit.

Best climate to cherish

Go holiday at Maldives so that you will have great time with sand, water and sun together. The archipelago of 1,192 coral islands will deliver soothing experience. The location has enthralling beauty. The captivating turquoise blue water and white sandy beaches will let you have great immersive holidaying experience. The country is divided into 24 atolls. These are giant circles and each ring is further divided into small islands. You will be very much excited to visit popular tourist destinations in Maldives including Mirihi Island, Bandos Island, Kanuhura Island and Nalaguraidhoo Beach. This is why you should go holiday to maldives!

Go holiday at world’s top tourist destination – Maldives

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Go holiday with lowest price guaranteed by planning your tour with best traveler agency. You can travel by private yachts, sea planes or boats in this island nation. There are luxurious spas where the relaxation will be at the peak level.

Go holiday as backpackers so that you can enjoy various kinds of water sports. Best holidays can be planned to this location with a popular tour operator so that you will save lot of time, effort and money as well. For activity lovers, scuba diving can be enjoyed.

If you jom travel, you will have most memorable days at Maldives. You can dive deep into the nature so that the water life can be explored to the full potential extent in Maldives.

Some popular place in Maldives

There are best holiday destinations for romantic couples as well as families. Groups also can participate at various tourist spots.

  • Utheemu Ganduvaru – It was a historic residence where sultan Mohamed Thankurufaan had lived. He had high respect from Maldivians as he saved people from Portuguese conquerors.
  • Biyadhoo Island Resort – It is a very peaceful resort. It is considered as the best reef houses in Maldives. Wide ranges of water sports including snorkeling and diving will take place at this location. You can have great time by exploring diving at one of your favorite spots. There are as many as 35 diving spots in this location. You can either relax or have water adventures at this location.
  • Bluetribe Moofushi – The location has great waters. You will have best experience in this area which includes diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking and riding. You can also spot whale sharks at this location.
  • Sun Island Resort and Spa – You can enjoy beautiful flowers in this region. Tropical flowers and lagoons will warm your heart. There are luxurious hotels where you have modest comfort.

Now You Must Go holiday at world’s top tourist destination – Maldives

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