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Malaysia Best Blog 2015 – Part #2

malaysia best blog 2015

Malaysia Best Blog 2015

Blogging is viral nowadays. To many social media and technology savvy individual and online fanatics, blogging has developed into second nature. And a lot are earning a significant amount as well. On the other hand, every so often, regardless of the niche, there come out bloggers and blogs which become influences as well as set standard in the perspective market. And the same in each profession, bloggers require inspiration and this inspiration does not require being from renowned blogs. Instead, you could research the best blogs and feel inspired. And with this objective, below is the Malaysia Best Blog 2015 for your inspiration.

Perniagaan Internet

Malaysia Best Blog 2015

A lot of people all over the word search the web to find information about the latest in Internet business. If you want to know the newest trend in internet business, Perniagaan Internet is the best place to visit. Here, you can different details about the newest happening in the world of online business. All the information are updated and aside from that, they offer guides and tips about buying a product online. if you want to know the latest trend in gadget just visit Perniagaan Internet. This website has so many things to offer when it comes to online products.


With Alexa ranking of 1,938 all over the world, no doubt it one of the Malaysia Best Blog 2015. This website cater information about technology not only Malaysia but all over the world.

Beautiful Nara

With Alexa Rank of 86 in Malaysia and 13, 279 worldwide, Beautiful Nara is also a valuable blog in Malaysia. It has been capable of amass a huge amount of followers on various social media site. This blog also won many award such as the 2011 Asia Pacific Nuffnang Blog Awards, 2012 Best Entertainment Blog and the Tenth of Malaysia’s Most Visited Local Sites. The maker of this site has been capable of generating a huge active fan appointment for his site that makes it one of the Malaysia Best Blog 2015.


Another extremely popular blog in Malaysia that features general news as well as posts on Facebook and other social media sites, this website has huge fan engagement compared to latter one. However it ranks lower worldwide.


Paultan positioned well in Malaysia Best Blog 2015. This blog cater information about cars. The web design is exceptional, looks great as well as inviting. Here, you can witness beautiful images of cars. It has interesting blog posts, which you cannot find in various blogs out there. Paultan has huge fan base and if you are car fanatic’s base in Malaysia, you must definitely see this website.


This is a blog wherein people could share information and news, you could find information about fashion, sports, lifestyle, news, fun and anything under the sun. This also have broadcaster program wherein people could contribute and make money. In general, it is a reliable blog to visit with regards to the newest things and gadgets as well as latest views and news.

Blog Serious

Blog serious is another Malaysia Best Blog 2015 which share remarkable, cool as well as interesting information associated to daily living which takes account of technology, gadgets as well as news.


One of the best blogs in Malaysia 2015, this is a broad blog which features news, opinions as well as technology. This makes a lot of people wonder, how they handle such big and broad niche websites. On the other hand, it position higher in the ranking and this also obtained a good ranking and huge fan base. On the other hand, some expert recommend to improve the visual to make it further attractive in order to use it well for good reason and doing this, there is a chance of acquiring a greater heights.

Usahawan internet

Are you an active online marketer and looking for the best blog that caters to internet marketers? Look no further than usahawan internet. This blog rank high in Alexa worldwide ranking and local ranking as well. Here, you can see various information and details regarding online marketing including the techniques and strategies, the latest software on hand, reviews of the software and so much more. If you want to make the best out of your online marketing, then visiting usahawan internet is worthwhile.

Rahsia internet

Want to know the secret of internet and other related information? Visit rahsia internet now. This provides information about the world of internet, how it starts, and the things you can do to maximize the use of internet and so much more.

Listed above are the best blogs in Malaysia 2015, on the other hand, amongst these, the three websites that stands out are rahsia internet, Usahawan internet and Perniagaan Internet as of simple to use, and offer lots of informative details. Help these websites become the top blogs in Malaysia through voting them on social media site.

Here is our sneak peak video of – Malaysia Best Blog 2015

Malaysia Best Blog 2015

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